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Dear Puppeteer


Download whole episodes of Dear Puppeteer. Each episode 30 mins long.

Episodes 1 - 5 first broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM, London, 2009.


Episode 1 - Work/Home Life Balance

Episode 2 - Pure Fantasy

Episode 3 - Controlled by bells

Episode 4 - Fun fair

Episode 5 - Still life

Series 1 of Dear Puppeteer (episodes 1 - 5) featured a variety of actors and non actors reading from the comics. These readings are all set to music, along with tracks from the free CDs given away with the comics. Each episode is based around one of the recurring themes in the comics and has a loose narrative running through it. The episodes all made to this 'sketch' format and can be listened to in any order (episode 4 has more of a focus on the music than the other episodes).

Listen to a section of Dear Puppeteer episode 6 on YouTube - (Click Here)

Episode 6 - Dementophobia

For series 2 of Dear Puppeteer we took a different approach for each episode:

Episode 6 is how we wanted the first series to sound (this is the episode we recommend people listen to first).

Episode 7 - Listings

For Episode 7 we introduced some dialogue and a reading of a short story.

Episode 8 - The Magician's Assistant

Episode 8 is a single extended monologue (developed from some of the short text pieces in the comics) read by Paul Cassidy and dramatised with music.

Episode 9 - The Megamix

In an effort to give the punters what they want, Episode 9 is a Megamix containing no readings at all (the common response to series 1 was "Well. . . The music was good"). It has been described as "like Jive Bunny remixing Faust".

Episode 0 - Brand New

Episode 0 isn't an MP3 file, it is the text of an abandoned unrecorded play, developed from some of the text pieces in the comics (the problems surrounding this episode led to the change of direction for episodes 8 & 9).

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